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Birthdate:Feb 18
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Moshti is a little alien about the size of a large footstool, owned by Phoenix Kaelen ([personal profile] ashes_ascended ) and Alec Troven [personal profile] master_troven. (AKA [personal profile] element_wizard) - at some point in their past, although he keeps cropping up in their timeline. This is because a while ago, Moshti stole and swallowed Phoenix's spare vortex manipulator. Due to Alec's chaos field the device was integrated into the little creature's DNA, and now Moshti might appear at any time, and in any place, randomly.

The little alien is delighted with this fact, and doesn't want to be caught. He cannot control where or when he time-jumps, but he's perfectly okay with this. Life is a big adventure.

It is not possible to re-capture Moshti - although your character is welcome to try.

This little guy is a bizarre cross between a jellyfish and a baby elephant. He likes to hold things in his trunk, it makes him feel secure. At night, he climbs up the wall (with the assistances of all the little suckers on his tentacles) and hangs from the ceiling like a big bag of goop while he sleeps.

He can't speak, although he is semi-intelligent. The sounds he makes are like a baby elephant trumpeting... the volume of which ranges from cute and adorable to ear-splitting. Alec and Phoenix understand what he means... some of the time.

Moshti has no teeth, he drinks liquid or puréed foods through his trunk. But! Can annoyingly swallow your smaller possessions. He is utterly harmless and quite friendly in a shy kind of way, until he trusts someone.

For some inexplicable reason, he is terrified of porridge (That's oatmeal to you American peeps.)

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